Tuesday, February 13, 2007

a tribute to sam duthie

hi all,

some of you made have heard that our good friend/brotha from anotha motha - sam duthie is leaving the fine place of auckland, to return closer to his roots in the rural metropolis of 'Gore'.

I had heard rumblings of this news for a while, but was still pretty gutted when it became official. i mean, i'm happy for him, cause he has got a plan and something to sink his teeth into, but gutted for me. Sam duthie has been a brotha to me and we have been almost inseperable in the previous 3 years.
ours is an interesting relationship, being good as friends now, after quite an omminous beginning where we both thought the other was a bit weird?
obviously first impressions didn't last this time, and i look forward to staying friends with him for many years to come. although it will be much harder now!
so thanks sam, thanks for looking out for me, and putting up with me, and you're always welcome in my house!

due to that first paragraph - in other news, i need a new home.
any ideas?

the year has started off busy but great, with trips to parachute and rotorua already completed. both were awesome and really enjoyable. can i say 'i love my life right now' in a non-boastful way? cause i do!

and to top that all off - my atlanta hawks have just won 5 straight road games. now they've just got to figure out how to win at home. Go team!

catch you guys later. peace

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

fan jan

getting up at 5.30 on saturday mornings: rrrgghh...

2 free pairs of new balance cross trainers: yea-uh!

finishing work at 11.00am on a cloudless day: priceless!

(everybody should be a postie.)


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


shaken, not sturred!

well, we just lost another year people. what happened to 2006?

a quick recap. 6 months postie, 4-5 months unemployed?, 1 month holiday.
8 weddings(not mine), 2 funerals(really not mine), 3 babies(not mine either), 10 days in hospital. 1 25th birthday.

suprisingly, 1 car has lasted me right through, go diesel!
two thousand and six was definately a difficult year by alot of standards, but thanks to God's grace i made it through, thanks for all the friendships, goodtimes, dinners, handshakes, hugs and smiles. i appreciate them all.
looking back, life really is too short to get up on a high horse and be all self inflicting, so if you see me riding, take aim and knock me off, kindly? i think more then any other year, i discovered life is about people! not all the other stuff that jams up your waking minutes, and drags you kicking and screaming into frivolous dis-satisfaction.
so hopefully i can pursue that inclination throughout 007. i'll try to be more hospitable, welcoming, loving, giving, and kind.

not much other news, its nice to be a postie in january, long may it continue.
had a jolly nice time at christmas and muriwai for ybc. thanks to all who made it so.
not much blogging from my fellow bloggstigators, not sure how long i can continue. but keep checking just in case.

God bless you all.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

no mo' mo.

hi team,

as you are all very aware, today is thursday the 30th, the last day of movember :(
females will be rejoicing everywhere!

this is some of my growth, i'm not sure how much longer it will be around, so if you want to see it in real life, come round for a visit, quick!

In other news: 'by unamimous decision, the postie of the month award goes to carl.' -yea-uh!
So if you are keen for a movie at berkeley cinema, i've got a double pass to share between now and this time next year. sadly no prizes were recieved for having the best mo'stache in the branch, but maybe next time.

p.s. i'm gonna have a beach party on the 17th dec, for my b'day, watch this space. chur

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

early christmas

i know, i know,
people are getting into marketing christmas a bit early once again, but my story is a little different:

i got a new bike today! brand spanking new! 5 speed, new tryes, new wheels, new grips, new seat, new paniers! new nametag! all brand spanking new!

so now i have no excude for going slow. heh grrrr.
i must be the class favourite? nah. anyway it should do me just fine thru the christmas rush.
hope all of your days were as exceptional as mine.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

delivery boy

whilst on my bike this morning i was quite interested by the cover of the 'new scientist' magazine. it said the following:

'we sleep less, smoke less, take more pills, and live at a steady 21'C.
why modern living is making us fat'
sounds to me like a good attention grabbing headline.

so i went online and found the article here. nothing too new, but thats how we roll these days.

in other news, my new favourite team, the atlanta hawks have got off to a great start with two sound victories and are currently leading the southeastern division of the nba. you better get on the bandwagon before it's too late. word.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

the magic number

hi team.

i've been meaning to post for a while - but my real life has been keeping me real busy!
after 3 and a bit months of posting and swimming, bball and the like, my body still seemed the same to me, but alas no!
using the kennedy's scales last sunday, i weighed in at a whopping 64kgs!
followed by a whopping 65kgs on the macphersons scales on tuesday, so yeah, don't be confused, the 'weeman' is actually quite 'wee'. its down from the 69 i was carrying at the beginning of the year, so all good. - just not a good build for playing league, but oh well.

in other news, my mullet is trimmed, i have the meanest tan lines on my feet, and am contemplating growing a dirty mo' for movember

also keep encouraging your friends, cause i practically lived off one complement i got given for nearly two whole weeks, and it should be easy to build up our brothers, but i find it quite hard. so encourage me to encourage others, and lets change the world!

awesome team. keep up the good work.
ka kite anu.